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January 2, 2017: Closed

Notice to all CWM Customers:

The Athens-Clarke County Water Business Office raised water and sewer rates effective
July 1, 2016 as follows:

Pre July Rate Current Rate
Tier 1: 5.0 Tier 1: 5.24
Tier 2: 6.36 Tier 2: 6.55
Tier 3: 7.64 Tier 3: 7.86
Tier 4: 12.73 Tier 4: 13.10
Sewer: 5.56 Sewer: 5.84

Pursuant to the rate change policy set forth in your water service agreement with Community Water Management, this increase will go into effect on your July 17 bill.

Community Water Management, LLC began sub-metering multi-family housing in Athens-Clarke County Georgia in June of 2000. It is our goal to provide condominium associations and owners of apartments a means for accurately billing of the water their residents use; thereby transferring responsibility for payment of water used to the consumer. In doing so, water is conserved by reducing consumption by as much as 70%, property values go up, and more funds of the apartment or condominium can be allocated to maintenance. We install meters on each residential unit on a multi-family property in order to bill the consumer for the actual water used. By reading the meters each month, billing based on actual water consumption and billing the same rates as our local municipality, we allow for an accurate and fair billing process.