Dear Customers,

It is normally the policy of Community Water Management to follow the University of Georgia on matters of public safety. That being said, it is not realistic to completely close our office for two weeks.

Our goal is to keep our staff and community safe while still providing appropriate and adequate service to you. We will continue to process work orders and meet the needs of those who are moving with no change in these services.

If you will be staying out of town while the University is closed and need to change your mailing address, you may fill out a Change of Address form here.

We recommend turning your toilet off at the wall any time you will be away from your apartment for an extended period. If a toilet begins running while you are away, there will be no one in the unit to notice the leak and take action to stop it. Our experience has been that the most significant losses of water often happen in units that are unoccupied.

Our office accessibility during this time of caution will be as follows

  • We will not allow persons in our office until public safety officials deem it safe to bring social distancing to an end.
  • We will not accept cash.
  • Check and money order payments should be sent by US Mail or left in our Night Drop Box in the office parking lot. Drop box and mail payments will be processed daily as usual.
  • We encourage you to pay online by clicking the Pay Your Bill Online option on our website.
  • You may reach us by phone from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.
  • You may email us at Your emails will be answered between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm Monday Friday.

We will be reading meters Monday, March 16th and hope to have March bills available on March 17th. We are also working on several methods to increase your access to us electronically. We will reach out to you when those methods are available.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation. Please take care of yourselves and your families so that you may be safe and healthy.

We wish you good health and prosperity.

Kindest regards,
Community Water Management




Notice to all CWM Customers:

The Athens-Clarke County Public Utilities will raise water and sewer rates effective
July 1, 2019 as follows:

Pre July Rate Effective July 1
Tier 1: 5.56 Tier 1: 5.73
Tier 2: 6.95 Tier 2: 7.16
Tier 3: 8.34 Tier 3: 8.60
Tier 4: 13.90 Tier 4: 14.33
Sewer: 6.44 Sewer: 6.76

Effective August 1, 2018, the CWM base charge will be $19.00 per month.

Pursuant to the rate change policy set forth in your water service agreement with Community Water Management, this increase will go into effect on your July bill.

Community Water Management, LLC began sub-metering multi-family housing in Athens-Clarke County Georgia in June of 2000. It is our goal to provide condominium associations and owners of apartments a means for accurately billing of the water their residents use; thereby transferring responsibility for payment of water used to the consumer. In doing so, water is conserved by reducing consumption by as much as 70%, property values go up, and more funds of the apartment or condominium can be allocated to maintenance. We install meters on each residential unit on a multi-family property in order to bill the consumer for the actual water used. By reading the meters each month, billing based on actual water consumption and billing the same rates as our local municipality, we allow for an accurate and fair billing process.